Based and designed in London, Mood Of Thought is an experiment in radical collaboration and uncompromising environmental commitment, infused with a celebration of creativity and design. Inspired by architecture, Art Deco & 70’s interiors, MOT seeks to create layers of circularity – through the reinvention of inspiration and design concepts, our focus on environmental responsibility, and the dialogue within our collaborative community. We build capsules composed of inclusive, interchangeable styles meant to suit any mood, body type and style – minimalist or maximalist – for a chameleon-like companion to accompany your dynamic, multi-faceted life.
MOT aims to spread the word – and the WAYS – that we can all participate in a more circular lifestyle and be more net positive. In our case, it is through curated uplifting designs that we invite you to mix and match with your existing wardrobe, to experiment with as you like, and most of all, to use as vehicles to express your own perspective, to suit your mood, and to inspire you.


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