MOT aims to be a vehicle that promotes sustainability throughout its supply chain - from design choice to customer care.

Nothing is not an ecosystem. MOT brings together the beauty of living responsibly with the energy of new ideas and a never ending supply of human creativity. Our community is driven by innovators and new perspectives, coming together to design our way better tomorrow.


MOT seeks to participate in both direct and indirect actions that can have a positive impact on the planet.

Direct: More trees mean less CO2 in the atmosphere. In partnership with Ecologi, every MOT purchase funds an offset to your carbon footprint through purchasing carbon credits from the most reputable carbon standards such as Gold Standard and Verified Carbon Standard, in addition to planting mangrove trees that can contain more CO2 than rainforests. Read more about MOT’s direct positive impact:

Indirect: By recycling plastic bottles, MOT is removing waste from the sea and landfills. By reusing surplus fabrics we are ensuring quality materials are not wasted. By offering a recycling service, we are contributing to the second-hand market and preventing clothes from entering landfills, while giving back to UK environmental charities in partnership with Thrift+.


With MOT, revolutionising waste, contributing to a circular system while facilitating giving back to the environment through charity could be achieved at check-out -by giving your existing wardrobe a new life and participating in the second-hand market in Partnership with Thrift+.

Thrift+ help you to re-sell your clothes to give them a new life. They are creating the circular model of the future while raising important funds for charities.


MOT partnered up with SOJO, the UK’s leading clothing alterations and repairs platform to help you love your items for longer. You can alter or repair your MOT items with our bespoke tailoring partner SOJO and we will cover the cost of the alteration, as part of MOT’s commitment to you and the planet. Find out more.

SOJO is built on the belief that sustainability and circularity is the default approach to clothes. They offer London alterations and repairs to give you the chance to wear and love clothes that are uniquely yours and reduce your carbon footprint by reducing the need to return styles that are not perfectly fit. SOJO is on a mission to build a sustainable fashion future, seamlessly fitting into lives so we can all find a better fit.


Better aftercare is one of the main contributors to the longevity of a product, a circular economy and reduction in environmental impact. MOT introduces and offers an after purchase sustainable alternative to the conventional dry cleaning in an effort to contribute to a more circular fashion system in partnership with BLANC.

BLANC is the leading UK specialist in sustainable aftercare that is Woolmark-approved. They have replaced the toxic solvents used by conventional dry cleaners with expert sustainable cleaning technologies, including ‘wetcleaning’ and ‘liquid CO2 drycleaning’, that are health-friendly, much gentler on textile fibres, and have a low environmental impact.


Currently, half of our MOT styles are made using high-end surplus materials from the LVMH’s fashion houses.

LVMH aim to make fashion sustainable by revaluing their unused fabrics. The group owns Louis Vuitton, Christian Dior, Givenchy, Stella McCartney, and Celine, among others. The source of the certified fabrics used by MOT will remain anonymous.

MOT Team

MOT’s team, manufacturers and suppliers have invested in sustainability and are conscious of their impact on the environment. The supply network is based in the UK & Europe, abiding by the government's health and safety rules for workers and guaranteeing an ethical work environment, where minimum wage is met and working hours are monitored.


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